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Votre vélopartage, étape par étape

To unlock the bike, follow the route indicated on the Clem mobi app: Activate the button located at the back of the battery then click on Unlock.

To extend or stop your reservation, click on the stopwatch on the home screen.

Before departure, you are required to report any anomaly on the bike:             

-On the Clem mobi app: Select the current reservation / Vehicle status  


When the T&Cs of your service provide for it, a security deposit is made via a pre-authorization on your bank card, which is valid for approximately 7 days. This guarantee does not incur any charges or debits from your bank, however some banks show this guarantee as a temporary movement on your account.


Please note, we remind you that your reservation only stops when the bike is plugged in AND it is charging. Below is the procedure to ensure that it recharges after returning to the station:       

In the event of a technical problem during your reservation, Clem' technical assistance

is at your disposal on 01 86 86 01 49

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