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Your personal data belongs to you


In France, each person has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete
of his personal data. These rights have been enshrined in law since 1978.


Personal data is data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
According to the General Data Protection Regulation, "an identifiable natural person is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier".

It can be a name, address, phone number, banking information, etc.


In this context, the processing of personal data carried out by Clem 'has previously been the subject of declarations to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) under the numbers
of receipts 1450253, 1905554 and 2098337.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force at European level since May 2018, confirms, strengthens and clarifies these rights.



What is GDPR?


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European reference text
regarding the protection of your personal data.


Objective of the GDPR: to strengthen the rights of citizens by giving them more control over their private data, because it belongs to them!


This regulation harmonizes data management in all the countries of the European Union. It concerns companies, associations, public bodies which have their headquarters there and their subcontractors.
Structures located outside the EU are also involved when they process the data of European citizens.



What are your rights over your data?


The law defines precisely what are your rights over your data.


Ownership Your personal data must remain so because it belongs to you!

We undertake not to communicate your personal data to third parties, except in exceptional cases and in this case with your prior explicit consent.


Right to security All personal data that you entrust to us are recorded in databases whose access is controlled and secure. Your data is processed and stored in our data centers on French territory, or, exceptionally in the European Union. In all cases, they therefore fully benefit from the legal protection of the GDPR, and in particular from the prohibition of the release.
of your data outside the European Union without your prior explicit consent


Rights of access and rectification: at any time, you can request access to your personal data
and rectification thereof. Several solutions are available to you to rectify your data if it is no longer up to date. You can modify them directly in your personal space, or by contacting us as indicated below. (Note that in this case, you may be asked for additional information to prove your identity and thus assert the legitimacy of your request.)


Right of portability: you can request the communication of data concerning you in a computer format or ask us to send them to another person. This right only applies to data
which concern you and which you have provided to us as part of your contracts or with your consent.


Right to object: in certain cases, you can object to the processing of your personal data
depending on your particular situation, but this may result in the termination of the contract of those services for which these data are necessary.


Right to erasure and to be forgotten: when your data is not essential for a contract or a service, you can request their erasure. We make every effort to automatically limit the retention of your data according to the purposes and the applicable limitation periods. If you stop using our services, you can ask us at any time to delete your data necessary for these services, in compliance with our retention obligations, in particular to ensure the successful end of the contract.


Right to withdraw your consent: for all processing operations for which your explicit consent
has been collected, you have the right to withdraw this consent without this having negative consequences for you, other than the end of the services for which this information is necessary.


Right to define the fate of your post-mortem data: you can define guidelines relating to the retention, erasure and communication of your data after your death.



Personal data collected by Clem '


This text explains to you what personal data Clem 'uses to provide you with the services you have subscribed to. We only collect the information we need to perform our services


This data can either be requested from you at registration (and in this case the mandatory nature or not of the data is mentioned in the registration forms) or this data is generated by the use of our services and collected by our systems.


We never sell (or give away!) Your data!


This can be very varied data but which is always associated with a natural person and which therefore we ask you to register: name, identity, telephone number, bank details for all our services (car sharing, electric vehicle charging or carpooling-passenger).


In addition, if you use our car-sharing or carpooling-driver services, we also ask you for additional information such as that related to your driver's license.


Your personal data is intended for Clem 'and its possible subcontractors, partners or service providers as part of the performance of the services for which your data is kept. They are therefore never communicated to third parties without connection with the execution of the contracts that bind us.


Depending on the services you use, we may therefore need to collect several categories of information, more precisely:


Identification and contact information. You provide this information to us. This is data relating to your identity such as your name, first names, gender, date of birth, postal address, email address, telephone number that you use to access our services or call the assistance service, etc. .


Bank data such as check numbers, bank references (RIB, IBAN, BIC, postal statement, SEPA mandate) or even credit card numbers (in the latter case, note that it is the banking organization only one who has the full number, to which we never have access). You provide this information to us.


Billing information for services or the like. Your uses generate this data that we collect and store according to the defined retention policy. As part of the car-sharing service
vehicles, we also collect the detailed statement of the GPS points traveled by the vehicles
(and therefore by their drivers). This information is used in summary form for invoicing, but their detail is sometimes necessary for clarification and in the event of fraud. We keep this data
one quarter, when they are no longer available online but archived in compliance with our retention obligations.


Data relating to our exchanges and interactions of assistance, that is to say the information that we exchange during our correspondence: SMS and e-mails of assistance or follow-up of an incident.



To enable the performance of services and contracts


We use your personal data for the registration and execution of contracts that bind us.
In this context, we use your data to:


  • The signing and administrative management of contracts and services, and in particular the electronic confirmation of your contracts and payments;

  • The exercise of recourse, the management of complaints and disputes;

  • Provide you with a personal account on the internet depending on the products or services you use, or to ensure your identification when you contact us or connect to our services
    online or on our mobile applications;

  • The development of statistics and studies.



For the realization of our legitimate interests


We process some of your personal data to allow us to achieve our legitimate interests, that is to say to provide a response to one of our needs, while respecting a balance with your own rights and freedoms.

We pursue several interests and use your data to:


  • Develop statistics on the operation and use of our services, websites and mobile applications;

  • Check the proper functioning of our services, our mobile applications, our websites and improve their security, detect and correct them to avoid problems or malfunctions;

  • Ensure the security and protection of all data concerning you, detect abnormal or illegal activities;

  • Detect cases of fraud and investigate to safeguard our mutual interests.

Retention period of your personal data


The retention period of your personal data varies depending on the purposes for which your data is processed and the contracts or services you use. It may also result from legal retention obligations.


For our service contracts, the duration is linked to that of your contract, and ends six months after its termination, to guarantee its successful completion.



Your contacts with Clem '


Clem 'has appointed a personal data protection officer.


You can contact him


  • By post by writing to:


Data Protection Officer,

. 9 villa des Sablons




For more information, see our Legal notice / cookie management section.

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