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Quick troubleshooting guide:

Error message "We are unable to communicate with the vehicle": Check that the green LED is lit on the small driver's door window (if it is red it is a reflection), if it is not lit, press once and release, wait 60 seconds (even if it's green after a few seconds) then try to open the vehicle by the application.

The same error message continues to appear, there is no 4G network: Cut off the mobile data (4G) of your smartphone, flash the QR code next to the green fingerprint (to connect directly to the vehicle) and enter your reservation code (see your SMS) on the screen that appears on your smartphone. This operation will also allow you to lock the vehicle.

The LED is on and the application does not lock/unlock the vehicle after 60 seconds: check that the vehicle is off, the gearbox on P and close all the doors firmly and try again.

You have pressed the green fingerprint but the LED does not light up green, the vehicle has broken down, call assistance to cancel your reservation.

En cas de problème technique lors de votre réservation, consultez la page d'information de votre communauté ici :

Si vous ne trouvez pas votre réponse, l'assistance technique Clem' est joignable au 01 86 86 01 49

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