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Depending on your territory, one or more means allow the launching of the charge:

Plan de travail 1_3l8mllddfgfgd.png

With your badge

Plan de travail 1_3lgjl.png

With your booking code 

Plan de travail 1_3lgj.png

With the Clem Mobi app 

If it is not already there, connect the cable to the terminal 

Plan de travail 1_3l8mllddfgfg.png
Plan de travail 1_3l8mllddfgfgd.png

By closing the terminal door

Fichier 7.png

Connect the cable to the vehicle.  

If the terminal is accessible, connect the cable  also at the terminal.

Fichier 12.png

The bollard light should turn blue

Plan de travail 1_3l8mllddfgf.png

For the Renault Zoé and the Kangoo, the remaining time is indicated on the dashboard

("verification in progress" =

  not in charge) 

Fichier 10.png

For the env-200 and the Nissan Leaf, one of the three blue lights flashes behind the windshield

Plan de travail 1_3l8mllddf.png

For Citroens  C-Zero, a light signal is displayed on the dashboard 

I dial my reservation code again or pass my badge again or send a reminder via the mobile application.  


If charging still does not start:

I unplug the cable  side  car and  side  thick headed.

I reconnect my cable  side  terminal then  side  car.

I dial my code or swipe my badge or start charging via the app.  

If despite all these operations the charge does not start, the car or the  cable  is not compatible with this terminal. 

We thank you. In car-sharing, proper operation requires the vehicle to recharge for the next one. Attention, in accordance with the CGVU,  40 € of penalties are foreseen for a vehicle returned but which is not correctly put back in charge. 

In the event of a technical problem during your reservation, Clem' technical assistance is at your disposal on 01 86 86 01 49

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