This 10 french start-up which hustle the electromobility world

Automobile-Propre - Many start-ups inovate in the world of the electric mobility. Overview of the best french young shoots of the sector. In case of the electric car as in all high-growth markets, many start-ups are being created in the path of the industry to try to get a slice of cake, but also to accompany the movment in terms of innovation, creativity and agility.

If the electric car is especially a matter for manufacturers - even if they are new entrants - it is also a breeding ground particularly favorable in many areas, such as services, data, conectivity and of course technology, particularly with regard to autonomy and the management of batteries.

An ecosystem - now supported in France by its own incubator, the Moove Lab - is developing within sight to address the new needs increasingly numerous and varies of the electromobilist, often linked to the planification of his itinaries and at the question of the charging. Applications, tools, services, a brief overview of the best young shoots.

Batteries for people This french start-up defines itseld as an expert in the performance of energy storage batteries. Based on the obversation that "for a lot, uncertainties on the electric consumption and battery reliability are one of the main obstacles at the adoption of green energies", the company is focusing on the electric cars and provides essentialy two services. Antilope an app designed to optimise the consumption and therefor the autonomy of its electric car in function of many criteria. And the Belle Batterie, a technical inspection-type diagnostic service on the state of the battery of an VE during its lifecycle.


This young company is positionned as a electric carsharing specialist and the smar tcharging. Funded on its own technologies and its e-Maas (electro Mobility as a Service) platform, the start-up provides tools wich integrate and manage decarbonised mobility on a local scale.