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Paris-Saclay has chosen Clem for electric carsharing and charging service

Flotauto - The EPA Parsi-Saclay and its partners have selected the electromobility operator Clem to offer mobility services (closed or loop carsharing and electric charging) to Paris-Saclay campus users and visitors. The public devlopment establishement and its parners have entrusted Clem, electric carsharing specialist, of the technical and commercial operation of the electric mobility services. These services are shared by the economicic, academic and instutionnal players of the urban campus of Paris Saclay. Indeed, the EPA Paris-Saclay has organised itself a group of conceding authorities with the community of agglomeration of Paris-Saclay, the university of Paris-Saclay and the Polytechnic institute from august 2020.

EPA Paris-Saclay was appointed by the group of conceding authorities coordinator. The EPA Paris-Saclay led the competitive bidding process in september 2020 until the candidate selection. On 15th of december 2021, the group of conceding authorities signed the five years concession contract with Clem. From january 2022, Clem took over the network of charging stations of Paris-Saclay and will launch a loop carsharing solution in february 2022. Electric vehicles in carsharing

The concession contract covers, on the one hand on an accelerated charging service (between 4 and 22 kW) for electric vehicles. On the other hand, it plans loop carsharing service (return of the vehicle to the departure station). The partners will share several vehicles : 5 Renault Zoe of the university of Paris-Saclay and one électric car of Paris-Saclay agglomeration community. The operator will provide as for him, Renault Zoe and 2 electric vans. " In terms, close to thirty electric vehicles in carsharing will be available in the several stations of the campus" assert the group of conceding authorities and the operator Clem.

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