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8th trophies of electromobile territories: two Clem projects rewarded

Organized by the AVERE (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility), the trophies of the electromobile territories reward the communities for their initiatives and their actions in favor of the electric mobility. This year in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Mrs. Elisabeth Borne, it was not one but two Clem projects that were rewarded: - In the category of more than 100,000 inhabitants, Ardenne Métropole is the winner. The 149 charging stations and 32 electric vehicles in car sharing throughout the territory seduced the juris. - In the category of territories of less than 20,000 to 100,000 inhabitants, it is Epernay who wins the trophy of electromobility with its four electric vehicles in car-sharing. As for us, we are twice as proud to see our projects rewarded and to improve green mobility every day!

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