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The Falaise inter-municipality launches its carsharing service

Ouest-France - The community of municipalities of Falaise region inaugurates its carsharing service. Two electric cars will be available from 2 August. The offer will be completed by a car without driving licence during the autumn.

Why the community of municipalities of Pays de Falaise (Calvados) does provide electric cars in carsharing ?

« The aim is to offer a mobility solution to holders of a driving licences who don't own necessarily a car, explains Jean-Yves Heurtin, vice-président of the CDC, delegate for the sustainable devlopment. Renting an electric car in carsharing also addresses the issue of global warming.

Where the vehicles are parked ?

The community provides two electric cars: one parked on boulevard of the Liberation, the other at the intersection of the trinity street and the passage of the Templars. This vehicles have an autonomy of more than 300 kilometers. In autumn, the municpality will complete its offer with a vehicle without driving licence, parked at the social-cultural center.

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