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Internship ecomobility project manager

Clem presentation

For the past ten years, Clem has been participating to the revolution of the mobility world to help firms and municipalities to make the ecologic transition. Actually, Clem is the leader of the electric carsharing in loop for the territories.

Specialists in electric carsharing, with our IOT solution and platform 100% made in France, we manage the electric cars' fleets and their associated charging stations for our territories. We enable them to create a inclusive, low carbon and local mobility.

Clem has the only solution on the market that enable the management of carsharing and charging of EV from one platform. A technology patented that promotes electric mobility and delivers energy that has least impact on the grid.

Present in more than 200 cities in France, Clem becomes in 2020 the carsharing operator of Paris for the professionals (shopkeepers, craftsmen, logistics operators). This is the first major reference within a LEZ.

In addition Clem participates in various national and international research programmes with the actors of the Smart City. In particular a solution Vehicle to Grid with the Polytechnic school, an innovative mobility station on the Navy Yard campus at Philadelphy, a secure platform with the CEA, intermodality solutions with European actos...

If you wish to participate in the deployment of new mobility modes, create the mobility at positive impact at the heart of energy transition, join us!

Description of the mission

Your main tasks as an ecomobility project manager will be to assist the projects team in their missions from the answer to the tenders until the operationnal management of the projects:

Daily management of projects :

• Financial follow-up of the existing projects,

• Writting reports, analyse notes and correspondences relating to the projects,

• Management of the customer relationship in support of the operations department.

The sterring of the deployment :

• Participation at the animation of the project at his launch,

• Testing of the solutions,

• Coordination and monitoring of progress,

• Management of the internal and external teams involed in the deployment.

The initial phase of the launching of a new project :

• Definition of the project objectives and the sizing,

• Interactions with the customers (municipalities, actors of the habitat or firms) from the signature of the contract.

Participation in business development :

• Supporting the sales team, by making sourcing and benchmark,

Qualities :

• You have the ability to learn quickly with an important curiosity and good comprehension skills.

• Vous êtes rigourous and organized. You love working in a team and you are not afraid by responsabilities.

- You are keen to work in the field, with human contact as well as in an office environment: diplomacy/relational skills and political awareness .

- You are flexible, you know how to adapt to different situations and you don't shy away from the task!

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