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Clem supports his high-level athlete!

Clem is open to all skills and profiles, without exclusion. Among his talented team, Anne-Elizabeth is for over a year now sales and technical assistant. She's also a part of the French wheelchair basketball team !

Between her sports training and her work at Clem, her schedule is very busy. "I am followed by a physical trainer, i have been convocated at three sessions during which i take part to the training of the team that is preparing the European Cup" underlines the young lady. Passionate about sports, Anne-Elizabeth practices also wheelchair rugby!

A committed company

Clem supports the professional integration for everyone. " We have adapted to my trainings by allowing me to telework and to shift sometimes my days of work" explains Anne-Elizabeth. The aim is to enable her to train in the best conditions. " Go beyond my limits during a match or when i am working is my daily. The sport teaches life and how to surpass oneself " she adds.

Clem is proud to support this high-level athlete. This initiative is in line with the company's values of inclusion and sharing.

The future of Anne-Elizabeth is promising. In a few months, the young girl is going to be fully dedicate to the preparation of the 2023 Wheelchair Rugby World Cup and will leave the company with regrets. A promising athlete to follow closely!

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Apr 29, 2022

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