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Clem' plays the card of carsharing

Article of the Moniteur - Created in 2010, this innovative company is specialized in shared ecomobility. She is very present in Seine-and-Marne.

The keys of mobility, here what means the name Clem in french. Its mission is to accompany the cities in their energy transition thanks to shared mobility services of electric cars. Specialist in the carsharing of electric vehicles and the smart charging, this start-up is present in more of 200 cities in France, Spécialiste de l'autopartage de véhicules électriques et de la recharge intelligente, cette start-up est présente dans plus de 200 villes en France, as well in United States and in China.

The Seine-and-Marne is its favorite playground with several implantations in the Paris Region. This is actually the largest peri-urban decarbonised scheme in France with 72 stations (so 156 charging points) and 61 electric cars spread out in 27 cities. As a sign of his implication in the department, Clem owns offices in Senart and Champs-sur-Marne.

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26 juil. 2021

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